To enhance security, we have set up a separate server just to handle AASV and AASV Foundation order forms. As with anything AASV web-related, please let Dave know ( if something doesn't seem right or you could use some help. (There are some visual flaws that I'll be working on.) [2022-06-20]

AASV Order Forms

The following services may be requested and paid for online:

Paying with your credit card

AASV uses PaymentSpring to securely process your credit card. AASV never sees your complete card information. Instead, your card information goes directly to PaymentSpring where it is encrypted with our public key. A single-use token representing this encrypted information stored with PaymentSpring is sent to our server along with your order/request details but without any sensitive card information. To charge your card, we send PaymentSpring our private key, the token, and the amount to be charged.